Constructability Review

Constructability Review

PBA can review your existing construction documents for constructability, with a focus on coordination between Architectural, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing. 


Depending on your needs, our review can include:  

  • Verify that the specifications accurately reflect the project requirements.

  • Verify the practicality of major details

  • Verify that the intent of drawings and specs are clear and will allow bidders to prepare intelligent bids

  • Civil / Grading – compare grading plans and verify grades are incorporated into architectural and structural plans, including deepened footings and retaining walls

  • Are all the relevant primary structural elements shown, sized, scheduled, detailed and coordinated to the extent necessary to construct.

    • Substructure – Sheeting and shoring, footings, piers, below grade walls, slabs (depressions, etc.)
    • Superstructure – columns, girders, beams, decks
    • Details – connections, hardware, joints
  • Structural loads and design parameters

  • Seismic Design

  • Wind Design

  • Gravity load design

  • Continuous load path (lateral and vertical)

  • Structural calculations

  • Shop drawings

  • Foundation design consistency with geotechnical report

  • Cross check of architectural and structural plans for consistency and compatibility

    • Arch floor plans versus structural floor plans
    • Arch sections versus structural details
    • Arch elevations versus structural plans and details (awnings, balconies, guardrails, signs, trellises, etc.)
    • Construction assemblies
    • Expansion and control joint designs – adequacy and coordination with trades
    • Mechanical systems – equipment locations, loads, and supports, duct routes
    • Plumbing systems – compare plumbing locations and routes with structural and architectural plans
    • Finish schedules (all architectural surfaces)

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